Escrowed to Maturity

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Escrowed to Maturity (ETM)

Holding of the proceeds from a new bond issue to pay off an existing bond issue at its maturation date.

Escrowed to Maturity

Describing a bond that has had its proceeds placed in an escrow account until another bond matures. That is, the issuer places the funds from the ETM bond into an account to set them aside in order to pay off a second bond at its maturity.

escrowed to maturity

Used to describe a bond that has been prerefunded to the degree that cash flows will match the debt obligation to the retirement date.
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Rats were randomly divided into three groups: (1) Sham group ( n = 12), rats underwent all the operation procedure except for the placement of orthodontic forces and received saline treatment; (2) ETM group ( n = 12), rats received saline treatment and ETM; (3) DSS + ETM (DETM) group ( n = 12), rats received DSS treatment and ETM.
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