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8226; TEAM's ESOS Service is available to help you become ESOS compliant and help you identify possible energy savings for your organisation.
Once you have undertaken an ESOS assessment and are compliant with your obligations you need to submit your ESOS notification of compliance to the Environment Agency.
You will need to keep an evidence pack which clearly shows how you have complied with ESOS.
If you need any help at all with any of the ESOS regulations, we have associate members and our CCA management partner, Jacobs, who will be able to help.
Debbie Corkin, sales and marketing director at ESOS, agrees, saying: "Staff are a company's most valuable asset and also its biggest cost, so it is essential to have the right tools to manage them effectively.
Left to right: Dave Cooper, managing director of ESOS, with Christian Berenger, business development director at Auto Time Solutions, and John Smith, chairman of ESOS
Plus the cost to the Environment Agency for undertaking sufficient auditing activity to confirm that your organisation has complied with ESOS.
Some opt for a hosted service where ESOS provides remote access to the customer's payroll, but all the keying in and report production is in the customer's hands, working to an agreed timetable for payroll processing and report production.
More customers opt for a traditional bureau approach where data is sent to ESOS and the payroll staff process it and produce a trial payroll for customer sign-off, with reports delivered electronically via a secure portal.
We're happy to be allied with ESOS, whose service offerings complement the workforce management software that we offer," said Christian Berenger, business development director at Autotime.
Our combined resources will enable us to deliver a complete solution that links the Autotime workforce management systems with the ESOS payroll and human resources management software services.
Details will also be provided through the ESOS newsletter.