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with and without EPAS assist) are provided in report [26], and are used to calibrate parameters in CarSim through simulations of a 30-meter steady state circle test and static steer test.
The selection of driving scenarios for simulation and DBAS evaluation considers whether they are safety-critical in the event of EPAS failure.
This set of configurations help demonstrate whether DBAS can reduce steering torque and maintain control of the vehicle upon EPAS failure.
A single pinion EPAS system contains several nonlinear components (Figure 1), such as friction terms in the column, rack, and motor, as well as sticking and backlash in the gearbox.
The nonlinear system block diagram that describes the 3-DOF EPAS system is shown in Figure 5.
Generically, an EPAS system has two main external inputs: The driver torque [T.
I am absolutely thrilled to have secured EPAS accreditation for our BA International Business Course.
The EPAS Accreditation Board has also reaccredited the Master in Insurance and Risk Management programme at the MIB Trieste School of Management, Italy.
David Asch, Associate Director, Quality Services & EPAS Director, commented: "We are delighted to welcome three new Institutions into the community of EPAS accredited programmes, adding two new countries, Canada and Estonia, to the pool of EPAS accredited programmes.
The two main player databases available through EPAS were published via a web interface and secure gateway combination using the secure web access build developed by Centralis security consultants.
With EPAS now delivering a consistent and reliable service, the RFU is planning to develop the system to cover all playing aspects of England and Premiership teams.
With car electronics systems becoming more sophisticated, the automotive industry is looking at 32-bit as a solution to manage functions like instrument cluster, EPAS systems and airbags," said Mike Inglis, executive vice president marketing, ARM Limited.