Environmental Protection Agency

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

A regulatory body of the U.S. federal government responsible for environmental health and well-being. Its writes and enforces regulations within the parameters set up by law. It is charged with protecting water, air, land, and endangered species, as well as with the handling of hazardous waste. For example, the EPA administers legislation requiring registration of all pesticides sold in the U.S. The EPA was established in 1970.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

A U.S.government agency established in 1970 to coordinate all federal activities relative to safeguarding the nation's air, water, and land from dangerous substances.Its oversight includes research, monitoring, standard setting, and enforcement matters.

The EPA Web site at www.epa.gov offers information regarding all programs, educational tools, enforcement actions,and current and pending legislation.

The most significant programs from a real estate perspective are the
• Clean Water Act
• Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA)
• Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

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Glutaraldehydes are EPA registered as steriliant/disinfectant chemicals, effective at penetrating blood and bioburden.
Moreover, Ster-Cid(R), our proprietary disinfectant solution, is environmentally friendly, approximately 94% biodegradable, and EPA registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act ('FIFRA').
EPA registered claims for Axen30 include a 30 second kill time and a 24 hour residual kill on standard indicator bacteria, a 2 minute kill time on some resistant strains of bacteria including MRSA and VRE, 10 minute kill time on fungi, 30 second kill time on HIV Type I, and 10 minute kill time on other viruses.
McGlensey's presentation follows the announcement that ORYXE Energy's EPA registered fuel additive, OR-LED, has been approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for use in alternate plans as a qualifying fuel to meet Texas Low Emission Diesel requirements.