economic order quantity

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Economic order quantity (EOQ)

The order quantity that minimizes total inventory costs.

Economic Order Quantity

The number of orders a brokerage receives and must fill that minimizes its obligation to keep inventory. The economic order quantity reduces the brokerage's costs to the least possible level.

economic order quantity

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Given an arbitrary price (and corresponding demand), the retailer's only strategy is to minimize his inventory ordering and holding costs by using the EOQ model.
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stands for the holding cost of a unit for the rest of the sales season, this expression is equivalent to the holding cost that the standard EOQ model contains.
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Manufacturing companies that use economic order quantity (EOQ) purchasing, either classical EOQ model or a variation thereof, increasingly are faced with the decision of whether or not to switch to the just-in-time (JIT) purchasing policy.
Recall that the approximate value of optimal h is expressed by equation (7) which is similar to the result of EOQ model.
In practice, we can obtain the same results as the EOQ model by a mathematical approach and simulation, whether the set-up cost reduction is stationary or non-stationary.
To use the basic EOQ model, one must make certain assumptions:
Finally, when all the necessary data is available, the system will execute the EOQ model and provide the answer.