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A unit of length used in printing. An em is one-sixth of an inch. It is also called a pica.

European Monetary System

A system established in 1979 whereby most member states of the European Economic Community linked their currencies to each other in anticipation of monetary integration. The first stage of the EMS was the European currency unit, then the ERM I, and, finally, the introduction of the euro and the ERM II. The European Monetary System also called for greater extension of credit between European countries. Among the methods the EMS used included the relative synchronization of national interest rates.
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"Through these workshops and initiatives, we aim to spread awareness about the critical role the Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) Au Hope Probe plays in building national capabilities to address today's and future challenges; we also aim to introduce the team behind it," said Omran Sharaf, Project Manager of EMM Au Hope Probe.
The streptococcal M protein is a long fimbrial adhesion protein encoded by >220 M protein gene sequence types (emm types).
The EMM analysis and the implementation of improvement programs in care entails a reduction of maternal mortality, as it was demonstrated with compelling evidence in the significant reduction of maternal deaths in the Hospital Universitario del Valle, in Cali, Colombia, from 2005 to 2010, by monitoring and analysis of EMM, and the implementation of improvement plans (7).
So on the day of the party we all gathered in Emm's garden for champagne and a curry which almost guaranteed early use of the loo after Grandpa cut the ribbon.
In that vein, here we describe a technique of dual-port contained EMM. This surgical approach is performed under direct visualization--which solves the problem of poor visualization that hinders other contained EMM techniques.
Support for BES10 Gold level EMM and BBM Protected.
Deta Hedman hands over trophies to men's singles winner Paul Davies (above left) and (left) women's singles champion Valerie Emm
Emm warned that the exposure ratio was to get worse after Microsoft released the last security patch for Windows XP.
EMM also allows Rodriguez to monitor the phones to make sure coaches do not accidentally violate complex NCAA rules that regulate player-coach contact.
In section 3, to solve the problems of the current building energy management system, we propose the EMM system based on the ICT approach.
The aim of this study is to evaluate and to compare emm gene types, toxin gene profiles and clonal relatedness of group A streptococci (GAS) obtained from patients with indicated GAS infections and from GAS carriers.