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Leo of Coram, Long Island, president of the Open Space Preservation Trust, isn't sure ELF is helping his cause.
McIntyre, who says he is an ELF member, also reportedly agreed to cooperate with a wide-ranging group of investigators.
It seems inappropriate for the EGAD and PINA components of the ELF to apply to a direct taxable asset acquisition or to a stock acquisition with a Sec.
In addition, the deconsolidation rule contains a netting rule similar to the rule discussed under the LDR and is subject to the ELF cap (i.
Meanwhile, Congress stands poised to consider a pair of bills that could boost federal funds for research into the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, including ELF fields from residential power lines.
Ironically, Klaus-Peter Ossenkopp ofthe University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, told SCIENCE NEWS he was surprised to find a beneficial effect in rats with epilepsy: Magnetic fields like those associated with ELF exposure may actually decrease the length and severity of epileptic seizures.
Also, Savitz and his co-workers concluded that the Wertheimer-Leeper wire configuration schemes--which rated houses on their proximity to different types of wiring--was a better parameter for evaluating long-term ELF field exposure than on-the-spot measurements inside the home.
1), they report that users of electrically heated beds--which can give off ELF fields--are more likely to have miscarriages and longer gestation periods during seasons when heated waterbeds or electric blankets are used.
At closing, Interpublic will enter into a revolving stand-by credit agreement with ELF under which ELF will be obligated to make cash advances to Interpublic and to issue letters of credit for the account of Interpublic.
Interpublic will issue warrants to ELF at closing, which ELF will resell in the form of units, as described above.
Westport and Isuzu's first generation CNG-DI ELF truck successfully combined the power and efficiency of a diesel engine with clean CNG technology.
Isuzu Motors Limited is one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and diesel engines and ranks number one globally in medium-duty and heavy-duty truck production with the Isuzu ELF as Japan's best-selling light-duty truck.