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EIFS, for example, provides better insulation because it insulates from the outside in.
Ironically, the latest revelation that moisture intrusion is an "equal opportunity" nemesis comes from the New Hanover County (North Carolina) Inspections Department, where the EIFS debate originated nearly five years ago.
Dryvit firmly believes that barrier EIFS are well suited for residential construction when the homes are built properly, meet local building codes, good construction practices are followed, and the system is installed according to manufacturer's specification," said Peter Balint, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dryvit Systems, Inc.
EIFS are multi-layered exterior wall systems consisting of a finish coat, a base coat, mesh and insulation board; all of which is mechanically or with an adhesive secured to plywood or another substrate.
Dryvit's product line includes a family of performance-rated exterior cladding systems -- Outsulation, Outsulation Plus and Infinity; and EIFS system for residential use -- Sprint; and several lines of specialty finishes that can simulate the look of brick, granite and other natural stone claddings.
Indeed, several hundred individual cases and class actions have been filed across the country in recent years against EIFS manufacturers and builders.
In recent years, EIFS has emerged as the most popular of the currently available "stucco-look" alternatives.
Homeowners who have heard about moisture problems should know two things," says Buck Buchanan, president of the EIFS Industry Members Association.
EIFS have grown popular in the construction and renovation of both residential and commercial buildings as a replacement for more traditional materials such as brick, stone and glass.
article on March 27, 1996, pointed out that problems with EIFS have
USG's EIFS News Web site provides information on an alternative to barrier EIFS construction, called water-managed EIFS.
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