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In September, the International Code Council incorporated specific standards regarding the use of EIFS into the 2009 International Building Code and International Residential Code.
According to the AIC Web site, the capital for starting the company was provided by AWCI and five EIFS manufacturers.
Problems crop up when EIFS is used almost anywhere with a moist climate.
Recently the EIFS industry began using alternative substrates and application methods to address moisture problems.
This includes making greater use of the securitisation market in Europe and I therefore welcome this transaction of EIB and EIF with Raiffeisen-Leasing.
I've talked with hundreds of industry people," he says, "and problems are happening everywhere there's moisture and EIFS are being used, coast to coast.
Thanks to the innovative nature of the SME Initiative financial instrument based on the securitisation of existing loans and thanks to the EIBs and EIFs participation, around EUR 1.
EIFS consist of a layer of foam insulation, which is attached to a supporting wall, and a thin, reinforced synthetic coating system.
Ever since the moisture-intrusion controversy involving exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) homes first surfaced in 1995, the insurance industry has attempted to redefine its relationship with the residential EIFS market.