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ECN (1)

Electronic Communications Network. Defined under Rule 11Ac1- 1(a)(8) under the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

ECN (2)

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Electronic Communication Network

A computer system that facilitates over-the-counter trading as well as exchange trading. The electronic communication network sends buy or sell orders to the appropriate specialist on the floor of a stock exchange, bypassing the floor broker. A company running an ECN charges a fee for its services.
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Electronic communications network (ECN).

An ECN is an alternative securities trading system that collects, displays, and executes orders electronically without a middleman, such as a specialist or market maker.

Trading on an ECN allows institutional and individual investors to buy and sell anonymously. Further, ECNs facilitate extended, or after-hours, trading.

ECN trade execution can be faster and less expensive than trades handled through screen-based or traditional markets, though the volume is sometimes thin.

However, some ECNs have been approved for official stock exchange status, expanding the number of stocks that can be traded on their systems.

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However, at ECns of 1.5 dS [m.sup.-1], under replacement with SAW and SW, after 14 DAS, the pH was lower than 5.5, reaching 5.2 at the end of the cycle.
Moreover, with the rise in discount brokerage and the proliferation of ECNs, commission costs are likely lower than we estimate.
ECN stands for electronic communications network, a facility that matches customer buy and sell orders directly through a computer.
(4) The growth of ECNs results in fragmented market and reduces the benefit of consolidation.
In this sense, the lack of vertical hierarchies and the deregulation of ECNs involve that a priority organizational objective for their sustainability is cohesion and articulation.
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Saxo Prime's DMA functionality is built on MarketFactory's FX Aggregator, providing a single Application Programming Interface (API) for normalized connectivity to major market making banks and Currency Electronic Communication Networks (ECN).
By aggregating liquidity from multiple sources, including electronic communication networks (ECNs), Jefferies Bache traders can automatically derive base prices, stream tailored quotes to clients, manage positions, handle client order flow, check client credit, automatically hedge positions and route orders to counterparties.
The prepared CNs were epoxidized by reaction with epichlo-rohydrin to produce epoxidized cardanol-formaldehyde novolacs (ECNs).
The BT Radianz Managed Infrastructure serves the needs of banks, brokers, investment managers, exchanges and electronic communication networks (ECNs), multilateral trading facilities (MTFs), corporate treasurers, clearing houses and securities depositories.
Regulated and licensed by the UAE Central Bank, ADS Securities is building a large network of liquidity providers (LPs), including tier 1 and 2 banks and financial institutions, Electronic Computer Networks (ECNs), FX and commodity exchanges and brokers.