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EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code)

a system for coding individual numbers, letters and punctuation marks.
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Most mainframe--based file transfer programs have an option to automatically convert a file from EBCDIC to ASCII.
While there were some early problems with machines that did not have lower case characters, communications systems that could not handle tildes and carets, and IBM mainframes that did not perform ASCII to EBCDIC translation correctly, the end result was quite successful.
Perhaps in environments with EBCDIC instead of SCII coding it will be better to EOR the result additionally with a byte containing the length of the string.
With it, any ASCII (asynch) or EBCDIC (synch) printer or plotter can be attached to 3270 Type A coas cluster controllers, connecting to the mainframe.
RPM translates EBCDIC data and converts SCS to ASCII.
To the designers from English speaking countries, the availability of well-established international standards, such as the ASCII and EBCDIC codes, imposes de facto norms and eliminates the need to consider the definition of new sets.
It's line-compatible with Bell 208B modems, supports point-to-point synchronous applications, and can accommodate either the ASCII or EBCDIC character codes on a switch-selectable basis.