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AACC, ADA, and EASD members participated in reviewing and editing the IFCC document as part of the IFCC Working Group on Hemoglobin A1c.
One problem, the ADA and the EASD said, is the lack of full agreement between the two sets of criteria for the metabolic syndrome--those of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Cholesterol Education Program's third adult treatment panel (ATP III).
Three new poster presentations at EASD show that people using insulin pump therapy were more satisfied with their treatment than those on multiple daily injections (MDI) and that better glucose control was achieved with pump therapy, regardless of age, duration of diabetes, results of cognitive testing and fingerstick measurement compliance.
Last year, management guidelines from the American Diabetes Association and the EASD listed sulfonylurea drugs as candidate second-line agents after metformin along with several other drug classes (Diabetes Care 2012;35:1364-79).
The EASD annual meeting, which brings together more than 14,000 delegates, is the most important platform in Europe for professional exchange in the diabetes field.
Currie reported, are vulnerable to unidentified biases from confounding factors, Canadian pharmacoepidemiologist Dean Eurich told me at EASD.
At the EASD conference, Biodel reported that preliminary efficacy results from patients with Type 1 diabetes in India were not comparable to results from patients in the United States and Germany.
Last June, the EASD and the American Diabetes Association released recommendations on managing type 2 diabetes (a panel cochaired by Dr.
Among the endocrinologists at the EASD, opinion tipped toward using insulin when type 2 patients get hard to manage.
The book, which is expected in 2013, is to be published by Springer, a leading global scientific publisher whose journals include the official EASD journal Diabetologia.