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Describing a town or vicinity outside a major, metropolitan area. Rural areas have low population density. Most people in rural areas work in urban or suburban areas, but some still work in agricultural or energy producing industries. In the United States, living in a rural area can qualify one for some forms of government assistance, such as a USDA mortgage.


Concerning the country. Contrast with urban or suburban.

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To fulfill its potential, e-agriculture obviously needs to clear a few hurdles, namely the lack of bandwidth in rural areas.
She said that NetOne was also working on project e-agriculture with a number of companies to ensure that people are able to get information to the farming community.
We welcome all the volunteer IT companies to come forward with their viable proposals and participate in the ongoing e-government projects including E-Filing System, E-Police, E-Agriculture and E-Health.
There will also be two breakout sessions: The BIG Investment Debate, looking at the most promising technologies and research for investment and how innovations can be brought to market more effectively, and The E-Agriculture Revolution, which will focus on the application of information technology in agriculture and how it will change the way we produce food, increase yields and boost profits.
These Telecenters would offer many services such as E-learning, E-commerce, E-agriculture etc and verification/ Registration of SIM cards, ID cards through NADRA E-health services would also be provided to the people of rural areas subsequently, she added.
The Prime Minister stressed upon optimal utilization of USF fund in bringing concrete progress in the near future, in terms of applications like e-agriculture, e-commerce, e-government, e-education, e-health and e-disaster management.
E-agriculture and e-government for global policy development; implications and future directions.