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One could argue that these are special cases and that they don't necessarily create an environment that encourages e-lancers. After all, the digital infrastructure that is essential to the e-lance economy was not even in place in the 1950s when the movie industry was making its transition to the temporary company model.
A Web site on the Internet can serve as an online brochure and resume, making it easy for e-lancers to provide information about their services and experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.
Passive job Web sites designed for e-lancers, such as,,, and, provide a venue for e-lancers to post their resume or fill out a profile.
Such a person can also advise e-lancers on the best projects to accept to maximize their career.
E-lancers can easily share their company financial information with their accountants or business partners.
For a $10 membership, e-lancers and free agents gain access to health insurance and group discounts on supplies, computer software, and airline tickets.
People who work for themselves tend to have more control over their daily schedules, and this fact is another attractive benefit for e-lancers. Depending on the type of work, e-lancers and free agents can adjust their work hours to times when they are most productive.
Money is not the primary motivation for e-lancers. The story of one of Pink's subjects demonstrates this fact.
Another indication of where money scores on the list of priorities for e-lancers comes from an informal, unscientific survey that Pink conducted on his Web site (Pink 2001, p.
Malone believes that the e-lance economy inherently creates the need for e-lancers to constantly reinvent themselves (Wolken 1999, p.
For example, a contract Web site such as publishes projects posted by companies and organizations, and e-lancers registered with can bid on the projects.
To search for talent, recruiters must search many different databases because potential candidates or e-lancers are spread out among many separate sites.