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Market Force Information, an innovator in customer experience management, said a recent survey reveals the 63 percent use a traditional retail bank as their primary provider, while 29 percent use a credit union, community bank or microfinance bank, and only three percent primarily use an e-bank.
Les secteurs concernes par cette mission sont l'Informatique (equipements, hardware et software), le Web et multimedias, les telecommunications, les Agences evenementiel-marketing et de communication ainsi que les produits et services connexes : e- commerce, e-Bank, etc.
A seventh institution, E-Bank Limited, has provisional authorization and will be granted final authorization in terms of the Act after fulfilling some specified conditions within the period of time required by the Bank according to the statement issued to the Economist by the central bank.
hit 80.09 billion yuan, up 14.54 percent year on year, owing to the strong performances in the businesses of e-bank, credit card and consignment sales of bonds.
The e-bank users in our study were predominantly male and under 30 years of age.
Laiki e-bank customers are also automatically entered into a celebratory New Year draw, with one luck customer winning e1/42,010.
Ahli United Bank (Egypt) launched its internet banking service, My E-Bank, providing customers with a way to manage their finances online, including accounts, loans, credit cards, and deposit certificates.
In addition, it is also possible to import bank statements using the e-bank statement function.
Clients who wish to complete their e-banking at the site can also do so, with a dedicated e-bank station that links to the bank's online services.
Air Canada also envisions a sort of "e-bank" system, in which each passenger would have a personal account and "interact with us in a fully automated mode," Fournel said.
A person with reduced eyesight will now be able to have the same high level Digipass security as other e-bank account holders.