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To her, existence loomed ahead one endless round of duty.
I was only asking her if she couldn't tell me something to be glad about in all that duty business.
A Christian gentlewoman's sense of duty knows no limits.
Do you really mean to tell me that you could trample your own convictions under foot, if it could be shown that the purely abstract consideration of duty was involved in the sacrifice?
Allow me to ask (after what I just heard)--whether it is not your duty to act on advice given for Blanche's benefit, by one the highest medical authorities in England?
I beg to relieve you, Lady Lundie--by means which you have just acknowledged it to be your duty to accept--of all further charge of an incorrigible girl.
And it's the first duty of a man to tell the truth, as he sees it and believes it.
a) Reduction of custom duty from 20 to 3 percent on import of pre-fabricated clean rooms
In this regard, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued a list of 731 items to impose regulatory duty on import of such goods.
There was no change in the regulatory duty rates of 375 items but due to merger of eight different notifications into one, the total number of tariff lines stands at 731.
It has been made binding on the teachers to perform duty either in Annual or Supplementary exams.