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In the BCG growth share matrix, the quadrant representing companies, especially subsidies, that require minimal cash injections but have low market shares, and therefore usually operate with little or no profit. These companies usually exist in mature industries with well established but not very profitable markets, products, or brands. Some analysts recommend selling dogs, as they have little potential for growth; however, because they require little capital to operate, they may be useful and may perhaps produce an earnings surprise. See also: Marketing, Portfolio analysis.


Slang for an undesirable property.

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Self-empowerment is one of the best ways to help young people combat the fear the comes from confronting the challenges in their lives, whether it be a child living with duppies in the West Indies, the child that had to survive the harshness of the American frontiers, or the child now dealing with the seemingly nonsensical violence of modern life.
Duppies cannot be mistaken for living people," she discovers that her children have been instructed, "because their heads are turned backwards on their shoulders, and they carry a chain: moreover one must never call them duppies to their faces, as it gives them power.
Year four student Rhianna Wilson, aged eight, said she likes fantasy stories: "My favourite book is the Tale of the Caribbean Witches and Duppies.