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Slight drop in securities prices after a sustained uptrend. Analysts often advise investors to buy on dips, meaning to buy when a price is momentarily weak. See: Correction, break, crash.


A small decrease in a security's price after a significant uptrend. Some investment advisers and technical analysts recommend buying after a dip if there are signals that the uptrend will continue afterwards. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether a dip is temporary or if it is the beginning of a trend reversal.


A small, short decline in a variable such as the price of a security or interest rates. A broker may advise a customer to accumulate a particular stock on dips. When the security begins declining in price, it is difficult to know if the decline is just a dip or if it is the initial step in a more substantial price reduction.


See debtor in possession.

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Currently packaged in an industry standard, 4-pin, dual in-line package, the CTS Model 540 line of VTTN TCXOs is offered in a frequency range of 2 MHz to 166 MHz.
The mini dual in-line package reduces size requirements by 75 percent, compared to the butterfly package.
The new bridge rectifiers are made with glass-passivated die and encapsulated in either a four-pin thru-hole (D-70) or a surface-mount (D-71) dual in-line package.
The M38039FFFP and M38049FFSP are offered in 64-pin shrink dual in-line package (SDIP) packaging as well as 0.