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Dual listing

Listing of a security on more than one exchange, thus increasing the competition for bid and offer prices, the liquidity of the securities, and the length of time the stock can be traded daily (if listed on both the east and west coasts.) See: Listed security.
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Dual Listing

The practice of listing the same security on two or more stock exchanges. Dual listing is thought to increase liquidity and improve the bid-ask spread for stocks by providing more competition. It can also allow a stock to continue trade after one exchange has closed for the day, but another remains open. However, dual listing is not very common. It should not be confused with multiple listing, which is a term in real estate.
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dual listing

The listing of a security on more than one exchange. Many stocks are traded on the New York or the American stock exchanges and on one or more of the regional exchanges. For example, the common stock of General Motors is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, but it also enjoys a large amount of activity on regional exchanges. Although dual listing theoretically should improve the liquidity of a stock thereby benefiting investors, most dual listed securities trade chiefly on one exchange.
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Aguia is an Australian company which listed on the ASX on 12 February 2008 and dual listed on the TSXV, Canada on 6 July 2017, primarily as a means of increasing access to capital.
QNB Group, rated A by SandP, A+ by Fitch and Aa3 by Moody's, announced another successful completion of a Formosa bond issuance under its Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) programme, dual listed on the Taipei and London Stock Exchanges.
Tribune News Network Doha QNB Group on Thursday announced another successful completion of a Formosa bond issuance under its Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) programme, dual listed on the Taipei and London Stock Exchanges.
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The company is dual listed on the Cairo and Dubai exchanges, global newswire Reuters reported.
He said " the uncertainty of the much discussed modalities of Regulation 28 to the Pension Fund Act, in terms of which each fund must invest 30% (2012-35%) in respect of Namibian Assets for dual listed equities of its total fund in Namibian assets, with certain prescriptive minimums and prudential maximums continued.
Shumba Coal will be Botswana's first natural resources company to be dual listed on the BSE and SEM.
Meanwhile, DFM suspended trading on 2 Dual listed companies, namely Al Madina for Finance & Investment and National Industries Group (NIND), which missed the deadline to provide the exchange with the financial statements as per the UAE Securities and commodities Authority (SCA) and DFM requirements.
The company seeks to get dual listed will need to arrange for the settlement of its shares, generally by electronic means, in both jurisdictions and may require two transfer agents as well as a global registrar in case of different countries.
Range Resources Limited (RRL.LN), a dual listed oil & gas exploration company, has announced that its joint venture partner and operator, Africa Oil, has signed a letter of intent with a drilling subcontractor.
Orckit is a dual listed NASDAQ and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) company that facilitates telecommunication providers' delivery of high capacity broadband residential, business and mobile services over wireline or wireless networks.