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We walked out of Kahn's studio, past a rotating drum filled with tiny glass beads suspended in liquid, demonstrating fluid mechanics with a silken, almost seductive grace.
Of the Fabs, only good old Ringo was invited to the sessions; his trademark drum fills meshing with the bass of longtime associate, Klaus Voorman.
The team inspected the junkyard in Nishihara for about an hour, focusing on five spots around a drum filled with the shells.
So the bottle eventually gets placed in a lab pack - a 55 gallon drum filled with vermiculite.
The seventh accused in the murder trial of deputy public prosecutor Datuk Anthony Kevin Morais denied he was the mastermind behind the killing of the victim whose body was found in a drum filled with concrete, three years ago.
He has also developed a technique in aquaponics whereby he "seats" plants grown on paper cups on a horizontally-halved drum filled with water.
Amid the thrashing and unintelligible guttural sounds that seem the hallmark of Portland metal band Adversaries, there are a couple of remarkable guitar hooks and drum fills, a small bit of detail work that holds together songs such as "Parallels" and "Juicehead Guerilla." It's a solid bit of musicianship, transforming songs that might otherwise be driven solely by aggression - although there's plenty of that - into something a bit more rewarding.
Drum fills so fast they sound like whirring chopper blades, apocalyptic vocals that could THE celebratory opening weekend of the 25th Welsh Proms season captured perfectly the essence of what this splendid event has been about over the years.
"The first device was a yellow plastic oil drum filled with homemade explosives.
Closing track "The Delusion of Man" features almost no vocals, a solid five minutes of blown-speaker drum fills bulldozing through tangled guitar solos so powerful they could conjure tidal waves, or, you know, make me feel less bad about being broke.