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5 Polypropylene: includes some drinking cups for children, some reusable athletic squeeze bottles, reusable food containers, yogurt and margarine tubs.
NOTE: For ease in handling, fill drinking cups only 3/4 cup full.
The plastic resin that goes into the innovative drinking cups emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions and requires less energy to produce than the petroleum-based plastics used in traditional plastic drinking cups," said Markus Rittersbach, Chairman of the Cologne Carnival Festival Committee.
Growth in lid demand will outpace cup demand, bolstered by an increasing percentage of drinking cups using lids, heightened demand for more costly specialty lids and continued solid gains for single-serving packaging cups.
If you are going to put lives at risk, then let the Army use the fire engines that will be lying idle in the stations while the firemen are drinking cups of tea and watching TV.
The Chief Administrative Office report saIid a California Occupational Safety and Health Agency inspector faulted the office for not servicing its fire extinguishers regularly, for an exit door not working properly and for other matters, including a lack of drinking cups for employees.
The 'TFM' machine is one of a highly successful range of systems which make paper components for food packaging, including trays, drinking cups, and containers for yoghurts, cream and yellow fats.
BELIEVE it or not, this wine is usually drunk warm and sipped from `Sakazuki' - that's the Japanese name for Sake drinking cups.
Two drinking cups, a pour-through stopper and wide mouth for adding ice cubes are included.
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment: Ingeo([TM]) biopolymer, PET, and PP Drinking Cups