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Funcinpec spokesman Nheb Bun Chin said he was unaware of the procedure to draw lots for the ballot.
And yet, when it comes to the most meaningful questions, we frequently associate the random with the divine; when our lives depend on it, we draw lots.
SOLEMN MOMENT: The vicar of Slaithwaite rededicates the village's war memorial in November, 1950 (50-13950); YOU CHOOSE: Newly elected councillors draw lots to see who will serve short-term and who long-term.
At one point there was a dead heat and it was thought two candidates might have to draw lots out of a hat to decide the result.
If reservations exceed the number of bottles to be imported, would-be purchasers will have to draw lots, it said.
Wales point to the fact that the last time they were drawn with the Poles, for the 2002 World Cup, they could not strike agreement and FIFA had to draw lots.
But as last season's North Midlands Cup winners Dudley Kingswinford now have automatic entry to the Tetley's following their promotion to National League Two North, county officials decided to draw lots to decide the other place.
Lawrence II from Kingston will accompany bateaux filled with costumed reenactors as they disembark and draw lots for their new homesteads on the Bay of Quinte and Hay Bay.
A: Work with a variety of media, and draw lots of figures: people, animals; draw from life.
A storm of unprecedented severity strikes the ship, and the frightened sailors draw lots to discover who is the cause of their unfortunate and calamitous condition.