Dow Jones Transportation Average

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Dow Jones Transportation Average

A stock market index founded in 1884 by Charles Dow tracking (usually) 20 companies in the transportation industry. It is a price-weighted index, meaning that stocks with higher prices per share affect the average more. It also scales its averages to account for stock splits and other changes in the companies tracked. It includes stocks in shipping, airlines, trucking, railroads, and similar industries. It is the oldest actively used stock index in the world.

Dow Jones Transportation Average.

The Dow Jones Transportation Average tracks the performance of the stocks of 20 airlines, railroads, and trucking companies. It is one of the components of the Dow Jones 65 Composite Average.

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TRANSPORT SURGE: The Dow Jones transportation average rose 1.
E[acute accent]-The Dow Jones Transportation Average has surged higher in the last five trading sessions.
Ryder System stock is a component of the Dow Jones Transportation Average and the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.
Read about Fidelity Select Transportation (OTC:FSRFX), Dow Jones Transportation Average iShares (AMEX:IYT), and Rydex Transportation (OTC:RYPIX).
Jack Schannep, who deals in Spiders (AMEX:SPY) and Diamonds (AMEX:DIA), likes to think the above describes our Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, but what it certainly describes is the Dow Jones Transportation Average.
The Dow Jones Transportation Average has broken decisively above its previous highs, made last January, and from a technical perspective looks very positive, confirming what Ron Rowland's momentum indicators are telling him.

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