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As far as the Palestinian issue is concerned, Obama's call to Israel to return to 1967 borders again shows his doublespeak as it was he who had told the Palestinians that even if the United Nations General Assembly voted in favour of a separate state in September, that would not lead to the formation of a new country for the Palestinian people.
According to Sourcewatch, "The word doublespeak was coined in the early 1950s.
This caliber of doublespeak is an insult to the intelligence of even a piece of wood.
It's no use hiding behind human rights laws and political doublespeak.
I agree: our students' generation meets only a faded memory or even less than that--a lack of record and of summary--about the theatre life of the era characterized by the unreliability of words and the swampy fields of doublespeak.
Kolbert also captures the inane, insane doublespeak of the Bush administration's climate policy: "We act, we learn, we act again.
Aristotle and an aardvark go to Washington; understanding political doublespeak through philosophy and jokes.
The Blairites extinguished the Socialist beacon that was the original Clause IV of the Party's constitution and replaced it with new Labour doublespeak.
From the real Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, to Jerry Brown's use of nose inhalers, Ross Perot's dirty talk, Pat Buchanan's temper tantrums, and Bill Clinton's doublespeak, Feed is proof that truth can be not only stranger than fiction, but funnier as well
CARDIFF council must have been reading George Orwell's most famous book, for only by using doublespeak could they call what they plan for the east of Cardiff an investment.
Sounds like doublespeak for another Billary two-fer tango.
I believe calling Sunnis and Shias insurgents is doublespeak.