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Physiological effects were measured using the means [+ or -] SDs for blood volume pulse (BVP), heart rate (HR), and skin conductance (SC) recorded throughout the open provocation and double-blind tests. We recorded physiological data using a ProComp Infiniti eight-channel encoder with Biograph Infiniti software [version 2.0.1; Thought Technology Ltd., Plattsburgh, New York, USA (2003)] that we ran on a Dell Latitude notebook (Dell Products UK, Dublin, Ireland).
"Almost no vegetables have been put to a double-blind test, and if a study isn't double-blind, I don't pay attention to it."
Halbig let Randi supervise a double-blind test of the tracker.
The program is a double-blind test, meaning some patients will be given a placebo and neither the physician nor the patient will know if the drug administered is active or the placebo.