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Harrington kept the golf balls he used for his aces, but he no longer has the ball he used for his double eagle.
On July 30 in New York, the only known example of the Double Eagle will be sold by the US Government in an auction organised by Sotheby's of London and Stack's of New York.
Because of this the Double Eagle was dubbed 'The Coin That Never Was.
Their attention had been drawn to the problem by an American newspaper reporter who asked the Treasury about a Double Eagle advertised as being for sale in a forthcoming auction.
The Double Eagle being sold in New York is believed to have belonged to the former Egyptian ruler King Farouk.
In 1944 he bought a Double Eagle quite legally from a coin dealer in the US and applied for the necessary export licence to Egypt.
Frisch plans to play Wachusett this morning and if the two-week pattern continues he should score another double eagle today.
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