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Xia M et al in [13] proposed an improved combinatorial double auction model and solved the winner determination problem to maximize social welfare.
Xu in [15] proposed a cloud computing resource allocation model based on combinatorial double auction mechanism for more effective resource utilization.
The low rate of conspiracy in both treatments could be due, in part, to our use of the double auction trading institution.
9 Some real and hypothetical referenda were conducted where the oral double auction was hypothetical-subjects were not actually paid their earnings (and they were told this fact in advance).
These efficiencies are clearly quite low compared with ordinary double auctions with rising marginal cost functions, especially considering the experience level of these subjects, and the data in Table 3 replicate our previous findings (Van Boening and Wilcox 1996).
Which market form is best suited to test LSE depends on the particular question at hand, but we would submit that, for many of the real-world markets where taxes play a role, posted-offer markets are a more representative trading institution than either double auctions or the ultimatum game.
Copeland and Friedman [1987; 1991] provide useful background information on laboratory procedures and computerized double auction markets.
Market A was a double auction and it existed as a source of income and entertainment for those who chose not to enter market B.
DOUBLE AUCTION MARKETS DA1 NO NO 1:1 2.60 8 DA2 NO NO 1:1 6.10 8 DAX1 NO YES 2:1 7.70 11 DAX2 NO YES 2:1 4.45 11
"A Comparison of Posted-Offer and Double Auction Pricing Institutions." Review of Economic Studies, October 1984, 595-614.
In the Travel challenge, agents participate in continuous one-sided auctions for the procurement of flight tickets, Standard English multiunit auctions for hotel rooms, and continuous double auctions for entertainment activities.
Meanwhile, double auctions often don't do too well, and this offering is followed by $41 B in 5-year notes.