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The reason they are ramping up the decibels to get to Ed [Miliband] and me in the last six months is because the economy has gone back into double dip recession.
It's bad news and raises the spectre of double dip recession further spooking consumers who are reluctant to spend having experienced the biggest drop in real incomes for decades, thereby denting the nascent revival of consumer and business confidence seen of late.
The analysis highlights the schism between wealthy investors still wounded by the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession - and fears of a double dip recession - and advisers whose businesses weathered the worst of the downturn.
Summary: The global economic recovery is slowing although it's unlikely to turn into a double dip recession, OECD chief Angel Gurria said Friday.
The data eases fears of a double dip recession and will reinforce government hopes that the private sector will pick up the slack created in the economy by mammoth public spending cuts.
If you buy Hall's definition, then a double dip recession does not pose an imminent threat, and hasn't for quite some time -- at least three decades.
Vote for David Cameron and the Conservatives and get Tory double dip recession.
If this happens, the New York real estate market will have effectively defied all economic principles and will have established a precedent never before seen, because it will have thrived and prospered through the pitfalls of a double dip recession.
7 Public Forum letter: Ronald Reagan did preside over the worst recessions since the Great Depression: the double dip recession of the early '80s.
The British economy, almost alone among leading industrialised countries has been plunged into a double dip recession.
CUTS: Luciana "With huge cuts to public services beginning to bite, unemployment at over 2m and businesses struggling during the longest double dip recession in UK history, more and more people are forced to rely on benefits, which it turns out the government aren't competent enough to provide in a timely fashion.
THE reality of David Cameron and Nick Clegg's incompetence is double dip recession Britain, where living standards are falling, and good businesses as well as bad go to the wall.