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Think of me as real," the double says, in the book's first sentence.
In chapter two, Gallego argues that James Weldon Johnson's The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man (1912) innovates the tradition of slave narratives by endowing it with subversive and ironic overtones, and revises Du Bois's notion of double consciousness by calling into question the negative perspective of the theory.
and then, late last season, I heard about a coach who was running a double wing offense something like mine, but with a direct snap
2) Two lower court rulings, in particular, led to the Supreme Court decision regarding double jeopardy discussed in this article.
If not, Global worldwide suffers potential double taxation on the royalty rate differential.
With a double toggle, clamping forces are applied to the extremities of the mold.
The near coincidence of "The True Stories of Sophie Calle," the artist's retrospective opening this month at the Fridericianum in Kassel, and the publication of Double Game (Violette Editions, London), a hefty, luxurious compendium that contains among other things the translations of her previous books, provides a good occasion to pause and attempt to fit the various pieces of her career together.
I think double minute chromosomes have escaped attention because people haven't realized how interesting they are as molecular entities and unique targets for therapy," asserts Geoffrey M.
Sprint out of the double to an open man during the flight of a pass.
4 OMITTED] - either veering out to the strong-side corner or moving up and over the double screen at the weakside elbow.
They suspected that the standard double bubble was the answer for two given volumes, but they couldn't say so with mathematical certainty.
Ralphs had them on sale for $1, and they double, plus I had a coupon.