don't fight the tape

Don't fight the tape

Phrase advising not to trade against the market trend. If stock prices are rising, do not sell.

Don't Fight the Tape

A maxim stating that one should not trade against the general trend. Essentially, the phrase advises investors to follow the crowd; that is, one should buy when prices are rising (and when everyone else is buying) and sell when prices are falling (and everyone else is selling). See also: Behavioral economics.

don't fight the tape

A market axiom that asserts an investor shouldn't buy stocks during a major decline or sell stocks during a strong market advance. The guidance is based on the belief that price movements for individual stocks and the overall market gain momentum so that it is more likely to be profitable to trade with the trend than against the trend.
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Some analysts believe in momentum investing ("don't fight the tape"), so favorable sentiment is a bullish sign.