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A place where one maintains one's primary residence for tax purposes. One proves a domicile by registering to vote, maintaining a driver's license, and/or actually living in the place. It is important to note that one usually but does not always live in the domicile. Indeed, domiciles are somewhat controversial, especially in Britain. This is because many foreign workers claim other places as their domicile in order to avoid taxes on worldwide income. For example, a resident of Britain with a house in Oklahoma may register to vote in Oklahoma and claim this as their domicile. Thus, the resident only pays taxes on income earned in the United Kingdom. Lawmakers have made various suggestions on how to close to loophole but one may still take advantage of it.


Your domicile is your permanent residence, which you demonstrate by using it as your primary home, holding a driver's license using that address, and registering to vote in that district.

Your domicile affects your state and local income taxes, state estate and inheritance taxes, and certain other tax benefits or liabilities.


The place of one's principal residence.

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This paternity case contains an extensive discussion of domicile in connection with a determination of whether Florida had subject matter jurisdiction and whether personal jurisdiction was acquired.
Statements about the Company's or management's plans, intentions, expectations, beliefs, estimates, predictions, or similar expressions for the future, including those regarding the proposed change in domicile, the timing thereof, timing of the 2015 annual meeting of shareholders and listing on the New York Stock Exchange, are forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions.
Domicile is at least partially a function of intent, so the answer to the question of one's place of domicile is not always simple.
On the other hand, since most jurisdictions in the United States do not allow punitive damages to be insured, an offshore domicile should be considered if the company wants to insure punitive damages.
They demanded of the local authorities to take serious notice into the matter and immediately cancel the entire fake domicile issued to non residents of agency.
A person''s residence and their domicile are two entirely separate and distinct concepts and must be viewed as such when arranging your finances.
Intent and Interpretation of the SCRA Domicile Provision
RAWALPINDI -- Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has ordered inquiry against Tahir Meo, deputy director of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) for allegedly holding and using domiciles of two provinces.
said, "The change in domicile for Aralez remains consistent with our overall vision and strategy for the company and is expected to deliver similar competitive advantages to an Irish domicile.
Maryland showed a significant increase in the number of corporations making their domicile in that state.
The chosen domicile in brief is an appointed legal entity to receive official documents (such as legal notices) for a company or a person who is a party in a legal action.
In Europe, Guernsey was the largest domicile with 343 captives in 2011.