Domestic market

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Domestic market

A nation's internal market representing the mechanisms for issuing and trading securities of entities domiciled within that nation. Compare external market and foreign market.

Domestic Market

The supply and demand for a good, service, or security in a particular country. Many companies cater to the domestic market because they know applicable laws and regulations the best. There also may be a unique demand for a certain product in the domestic market. For example, an American flag supplier will likely sell more flags in the United States than in Canada. The size of the domestic market is calculated in the gross domestic product.
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The decision of the court should not be construed to mean that the domestic trade in rhino horn may take place in an unregulated fashion.
6 The markets for export and domestic trade credit cover are forecast to advance at a broadly similar pace.
The five-year strategy of the authority aims to inject up to EGP 50m of new investments in the field of domestic trade, which would directly and indirectly generate 4m job opportunities.
Domestic trade appeared to step up from the level it has been at for the past couple of years and the recent proliferation and success of the point-to-point and horses-in-training sales looks to have had a positive impact on the three- and four-year-old store market.
10 in 1990 and granting greater role to the private sector in investment and foreign and domestic trade.
MANAMA: Bahrain's domestic trade is continuing its growth momentum despite repercussions from the global downturn.
The conference was inaugurated by Haji Abdul Malik Kassim, State Minister for Religious Affairs, Domestic Trade & Consumer Affair Penang Govt - Malaysia, in which speakers and researchers from America, Australia, UAE, Romania, UK and South Africa participated to deliver their valuable knowledge and research about Halal industry.
Domestic trade bans are a key recommendation in CITES resolution on tiger trade control because legal domestic trade has been shown to undermine the international ban, stimulate poaching and threaten tigers in the wild.
The minister said his country "plans to raise development of its domestic trade to eight percent of the sector, and to increase investment in it to $4.
Contracting domestic trade is rendering millions jobless which will add to the economic sufferings of masses who are already under pressure due to high inflation, lawlessness and uncertainty.
Tom Milliken, a senior investigator at Traffic, the world's largest wildlife trade monitor, said China was qualified for the import as it had sufficiently cracked down on the illegal domestic trade in ivory.
We will continue monitoring the Chinese and Japanese domestic trade controls to ensure that unscrupulous traders do not take this opportunity to launder ivory from illegal origin,'' CITES Secretary General Willem Wijnstekers said in a press release.

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