Domestic bonds

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Domestic bonds

Bonds issued and traded within the internal market of a country and denominated in the currency of that country.

Domestic Bonds

Bonds issued in the country and currency in which they are traded. Unlike international bonds, domestic bonds are not subject to currency risk. They usually carry less risk, as the regulatory and taxation requirements are usually known to investors in domestic bonds, or at least to their brokers and accountants.
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This 4th pan-African workshop was also an opportunity to highlight progress made towards the launch of the African Domestic Bond Fund.
Global Banking News-July 7, 2015--Iraq plans USD5bn domestic bond
We expect 2015 to be a taxing year for the domestic bond market, with the spectre of persistently depressed oil prices, uncertainties looming over the direction of interest rates and lacklustre global growth.
He argued that the industrial sector needs more support from the financial community, including the creation of a domestic bond market "to provide longer-term funding that better matches the average life of assets on the balance sheet of industrial players".
The Company notified that the issue comprises of a CHF350 million Swiss domestic bond, maturing in November 2019; a CHF250 million Swiss domestic bond that will mature in November 2024, and a CHF150 million Swiss domestic bond that will mature in November 2029.
Domestic bond default "Some companies or local government financing vehicles can go bankrupt if their management is not strong enough, this can happen in any country, but the issue is whether it becomes a systemic issue for the economy or not," he said.
First domestic bond default to force re-assessment of credit risk
8 million to domestic bond ETFs, data compiled by Bloomberg show.
Ghana's first sevenyear domestic bond was massively oversubscribed by more than 200% to the tune of $135m.
The domestic bond market has not really been tapped in the past.
allowed the Bank to launch its first domestic bond, placed entirely with
Additionally, foreign inflows into the domestic bond market combined with the seasonally stronger current account should provide significant support for the RUB in Q1 13.

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