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Land development and construction transactions work well, as they seed bigger projects, although standalone small-deal investments can attract institutional capital if the execution is clean and whole dollar returns are exciting.
We hope to attract foreign investors with target dollar returns in excess of 4% p.
Yet when it comes to our investment portfolio of RRSP's and TFSA's and non-reg funds, we are seduced by the money manger's swan-song of dollar returns that will allow you to retire by fifty-five or younger.
Foreign institutional investors, too, will regain confidence in the attractiveness of the Indian markets in terms of dollar returns, say experts.
Of course, a China rally is neither necessary nor sufficient to make serious money in EM, as investors in Turkish, Mexican, Indian, Thai and Philippines shares attest in 2012, with 25 - 40 per cent dollar returns.
Table VII reports regressions of excess stock dollar returns on excess bond dollar returns for the Stock and Bond Event Sample (N = 287) with and without conditioning on the change in the vega of the CEO's wealth.
Exhibit 1, below, displays a histogram of the one-day dollar returns of the current portfolio, using current portfolio weights over the last 500 days, with a normal, bell-shaped curve overlaid upon the histogram.
We unsurprisingly find [low] dollar returns, weakness in equities, and higher inflation expectations to be important drivers of index inflows to commodities, consistent with a story of strategic diversification.
dollar returns are shown in Figures 1 through 10 for the ten stock markets.
capitalisation) and dollar returns are significant parameters, but there are others that are equally important to the development and well-being of the continent.
Beyond the dollar returns, researchers were impressed by the fact that grower and veterinarian participants had a very high recall and favorable impression of the WOMM programs even two to three years after their participation.
It just takes a lot of individual subscribers to realize the big dollar returns many of the telecom giants need to feed their investors, but it also provides a more stable future.