word processor

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Word Processor

A computer program allowing one to write, edit and format content. One writes the content and may either print it or save it in an electronic format. Word processors developed in the 1960s and were popularized in the 1970s and 1980s. Word processing was one of the first business uses for the personal computer.

word processor

a COMPUTER software program package designed for the manipulation of text. Word processors have dramatically improved the speed with which business documents can be produced by making the correction of errors or rearrangement of blocks of text easier.
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The company's premier product, Signet Direct, is an electronic document preparation system that adheres to MISMO standards, merging the industry's best practices using SMART docs and digital signatures with guaranteed compliance to seamlessly integrate with other mortgage solutions and automate the loan process from origination to closing and beyond, including electronic vault and secondary market delivery.
This includes imaging and workflow management, underwriting tools and document preparation systems.
ACM, March 1982, 163-165) focused on the implications of automatic document preparation systems and electronic mail, and on the quantity of information being received by end users.
His background in systems development enables him to thoroughly describe and answer lender questions about MRG's document preparation systems.

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