don't know

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Don't know (DK, DKed)

"Don't know the trade." A Street expression used whenever one party lacks knowledge of a trade or receives conflicting instructions from the other party. Also, an unscrupulous claim made by one party denying that the trade had been agreed to and made after the trade goes adversely against that party.

Don't Know

Describing a trade that cannot be settled by a clearing house because the counterparties have contradictory or otherwise inconsistent information on the trade. The clearing house may become aware of the discrepancy by reviewing the comps the brokers gave one another, or by some other method. In this trade, it is said that one or both of the counterparties "does not know the trade."

don't know (DK)

A broker-dealer response to a transaction report when the facts of the trade are in doubt or are unknown.
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Although I am able to cite a parallel to the idea from the Testament of Asher 6:2, "They both practice evil and approve of others who practice it," I do not know to whom Paul is referring.
I do not know who in poor countries could best use your contribution -- but I do know well-regarded doctors, activists, and others who work or volunteer there, whose judgment and recommendations I trust.
We do not know what is going to happen three hundred years down the road.
In role number three we do not teach end users to solve complex problems without us, even as that educational exercise is at best problematical because we do not know whether such users whom we have turned loose in the information ocean ever find what they need--no I did not say want.
However, there are some contractors in the industry who often wind up in this situation because they: (a) took on too much work and are not able to give your project the time and attention it deserves; (b) do not have adequate financing to pay men to continue the job because they misspent the money; (c) do not know how to manage a job; (d) used subcontractors to do the work and owe them money because they underbid the job; or (e) intentionally tried to take advantage of the client.
I am going to those whom I do not know, and of whom I expect very little.
It has come to mean so many different things that people who endorse it, such as the Congress of the United States, do not know what they are talking about.
I do not know what being a poet is or what being a critic is.
They do not know such things as how to make a contract, how to start and run a value analysis program, or they are not good negotiators.
Now patients are sent by people I do not know from all over Florida.
At such moments I do not know whose land this is that I own, or whose bed I sleep in.