Do Not Increase

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Do Not Increase (DNI)

A restriction that an investor places on a good til' canceled order to prevent an order increase in the case of a stock dividend or stock split.

Do Not Increase

In a good til canceled order, an instruction to a broker not to increase the number of shares ordered in the event of a stock split. A stock split increases the number of shares outstanding by some stated ratio, and many brokers increase the number of shares asked or bid to compensate for this. A DNI instructs the broker not to do so.

do not increase

A directive that the number of shares in an order not be increased in the event of a stock split. The order to which such a directive is added may be either a limit order to buy stock or a stop order to sell stock.
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Mike Rogers, the Michigan Republican who chairs the House intelligence committee, says he thinks the DNI structure under Clapper has "vastly improved" from where it was a few years ago, including "much better" fusion of intelligence in the president's daily brief.
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This rate may be too low, as three patients in our series required reintubation and one patient died following extubation after an operation for a DNI.
Hasta ahora me he esforzado por destacar la relacion de continuidad que hace que un DNI se convierta en la persona que lo detenta, esto es, que un "sujeto-cuerpo-ciudadano" concreto sea su DNI (19).
Creating a separate Director of the CIA, subordinate to the new DNI, to manage the agency's collection and covert action capabilities on a day-to-day basis;
Additionally, recorded calls can be referenced by agent ID and DNIS, as well as by time and date - information that is important especially in the case of calls associated with crime cases, for example.
Depending on the recording method, a variety of switch data, including the ANI, DNIS, extension, among others, can be captured and searched on later for business intelligence.
While his main goal was to improve the network and get better customer service through the PBXs, it turns out that ISDN supplies several additional services like ANI (automatic number identification) and DNIS (dialed number identification service) that would make life easier for call center operators.
Routing rules can be flexibly pre-configured using ANI, DNIS, as well as real-time statistics, such as average hold time, occupancy, etc.
information and DNIS all the way to unique data from a customer's CRM application via our API.
StrataVoice delivers several new features, such as Multi-Campaign Inbound over an unlimited number of DNIS, while capturing ANI.