Do Not Increase

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Do Not Increase (DNI)

A restriction that an investor places on a good til' canceled order to prevent an order increase in the case of a stock dividend or stock split.

Do Not Increase

In a good til canceled order, an instruction to a broker not to increase the number of shares ordered in the event of a stock split. A stock split increases the number of shares outstanding by some stated ratio, and many brokers increase the number of shares asked or bid to compensate for this. A DNI instructs the broker not to do so.

do not increase

A directive that the number of shares in an order not be increased in the event of a stock split. The order to which such a directive is added may be either a limit order to buy stock or a stop order to sell stock.
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Mike Rogers, the Michigan Republican who chairs the House intelligence committee, says he thinks the DNI structure under Clapper has "vastly improved" from where it was a few years ago, including "much better" fusion of intelligence in the president's daily brief.
Coupled with Station Message Detail Recording, DNIS gives LVT a way to analyze the business generated by calls to each of its separate numbers.
The kinds of call information available with Voice Print's NEC OAI integration include Agent ID, DNIS, call direction (Incoming/Outgoing), caller ID, ANI/number dialed, call start and stop triggers, call duration, call date and time, and call transfer information, to name just a few.
Utilizing a single, nationwide 800 number with DNIS, all incoming call signaling is handled over a single D-channel, the DNIS is received, and the Rockwell Galaxy routes the call to a station within the correct gate.
They simply look at the DNIS number on the CallMaster display.
Net Client provides managers the flexibility to create their own reports using a multitude of variables, including recording channel number/name, date, time, DNIS, etc.
Tools for integration with both on-premise PBXs (including specific connectors for popular platforms such as Avaya Definity and Nortel Meridian) and on demand offerings such as Echopass's Call Center On Demand and Five9's Virtual Contact Center * "Screen pop" functions driven by caller identification via ANI or DNIS * Click-to-dial capabilities that automate outbound calling from RightNow applications * Interactive Voice response (IVR) integration * Support for CTI or PBX call routing * Capture of agent-level call statistics in the RightNow database * XML-based API database read/write
The voice, fax, and e-mail messaging integration with software PBX systems takes advantage of common hardware platforms to provide custom IVR applications and fax services, including inbound fax routing and forwarding received faxes to e-mail as either PDF or TIFF attachments depending upon the option set for that particular DNIS number.
This means a single IVR platform can dynamically respond to callers with both VoiceXML and standard Vista Java applications launched according to DNIS.
The Aspect Call Center can route calls based on customer data, ANI, DNIS or ISDN, caller choices, agent skills and real-time contact center conditions and provides an easy-to-use graphical environment for developing call flows; powerful tools for configuring and managing resources in real time; capabilities to reduce abandoned call rates, such as music on hold, announcements and an estimated wait time feature; load balancing across multiple sites; historical reporting; and blending of inbound and outbound calls.