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Inspector(s) of Election

The person(s) appointed by the Corporation to act as a judge on voting matters brought before a shareholder meeting. The inspector determines which proxies and ballots are in good form, and acceptable to be voted. They also count and record the votes, supervise and inspect the counting process and attest to the final results. They cannot be overruled on these matters, although they have no voice in the procedural aspects of the meeting itself.
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The district inspector remarked: "It was common for trainers not to make profits, although they were able to live sumptuously out of betting winnings.
A district inspector in Armagh said: 'The Royal is anathema to many Catholics who, as a whole, still have a great respect for the RUC but don't like to reveal it'.
District Inspector Brian Kearney said: "This order is designed to tackle Mr Oliver's anti-social behaviour and address his offending.
The contract is for the provision by the Contractor to the Department of Information Technology Services and the Office of the City of Kielce, Kielce City Office and District Inspector of Building Control in Kielce postal services in domestic and foreign, in the collection, receipt, transport and delivery of postal items (letter-post items, parcels Postal, courier) as well as to the return of undelivered shipments with transport shipments from the Employer to the Contractor broadcasting outlets in the period from January to December 2015.
According to a study conducted by the district Inspector General's Office, requests for due-process hearings doubled in three years, soaring from 489 disputes in 1999 to 1,017 in 2002.
District Inspector for South Flintshire Dave Jolly said that the operation was one of the biggest the force had undertaken and it is the first time the three police forces have worked together on such a large-scale.
In a bid to curb the anti-social behaviour, district inspector for Redditch Ian Joseph visited the park with local councillors.
Wyre Forest District Inspector Paul Crowley said: "It is clear from what we have been told that the thief was aware of what was going on inside the ambulance and it's unbelievable that he took advantage of the situation.
District Inspector Jason Devonport said: "Any individuals found drinking or behaving in an adverse manner will be dealt with robustly.
He soon progressed to District Inspector, where for 16 years he was responsible for patrolling various areas of the county including vast areas of countryside.
But the District Inspector of Higher Education for Larnaca and Famagusta, Sotiris Eleftheriou, said yesterday that antisocial behavior in schools was a nationwide phenomenon.
An investigation by the Los Angeles Unified School District inspector general, Don Mullinax, found that Emerald Development Co.

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