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Compiling and maintaining the file of information about the transaction, including the credit report, appraisal, verification of employment and assets,and so on.

Mortgage brokers usually process the loans they handle. The processing file is handed off to underwriting for the loan decision.

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Using over thirty data analysis processing modules that support parallel distributed processing, it is possible to quickly perform advanced analyses and forecasts.
Over several years, Lee Memorial built a Web-enabled IT infrastructure based on distributed processing. Based on our policy of working with existing vendors to develop our technology roadmap, we turned to Geac, Siemens and other vendors to assist us.
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In fact, much of distributed processing has been justified by eliminating that overhead." Thus, CEOs who want to prevent the loss of data need to make sure that some of the traditional discipline and control associated with centralized computing is extended to departmental PCs and servers, as well.
For example, because of the book's firm grounding in the symbol manipulation side of information processing and cognitive psychology, it makes no real contact with parallel distributed processing (PDP) or connectionist models of reading and language processing.
Distributed processing and trouble-free communications, two hallmarks of CANbus, can be achieved in other ways--such as the VMEbus in Van Dorn's newest Pathfinder controls or the transputer-based controls sold by other vendors.
The article incorporates advances in applying parallel computing, distributed processing and expert systems in the design and safety analysis of nuclear reactors.
Distributed processing is now supposed to be the answer to all our ills.
These computers have made possible telecommunications, computer networks, office automation, and distributed processing systems (Synnott & Gruber, 1981).
The growth of expenses in this budget area is constrained because earlier investments in distributed processing systems have produced reductions in the cost of data previously provided the large mainframe computer and has further limited cost growth by improving the productivity of existing staff.

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