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New Treasury issues in dealers' hands are said to be distributed.


1. A situation in which a security's or market's trading volume is higher on a given trading day than the previous trading day without any price appreciation. This is taken as an indicator that the security or market has hit its highest price and will soon decline.

2. The payment of the assets in an IRA or other retirement account to the account holder or his/her beneficiary. Distributions usually begin after retirement, but may begin before with the payment of applicable penalties.

3. A dividend paid to a company's or mutual fund's shareholders.

4. An institution's consistent sale of a single security over a long period of time as opposed to all at once. This is done to avoid causing fluctuations in price. See also: Accumulation.
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Performing remote data replication with distributed management almost completely removes the burden of replication from host systems.
The most obvious beneficiary of distributed computing would be the motion picture industry.
TEI recommends that the regulations provide a list of factors that establish that a spin-off and subsequent change-in-control of the distributing or distributed corporations are not part of a plan or series of related transactions.
Only stock or securities of the controlled corporation can be distributed.
The memo says voter guides should not target issues that track an organization's known agenda, should not offer unfair descriptions of a candidate's positions, should not unfairly summarize a candidate's voting record and should not be widely distributed close to an election.
This article will make the argument that, in practical terms, the union catalog is far from obsolete--indeed, union catalogs complement the emerging distributed search models by offering substantially different functionality, quality, performance, and management characteristics.
Still, distributed control hasn't won over everyone.
Distributed storage cluster (DSC) architecture exploits the proven benefits of clustering within an agile storage infrastructure, enabling enterprises to respond quickly and transparently to business changes.
731-2(b)(1), all marketable securities held by a partnership are treated as marketable securities of the same class and issuer as the distributed security.
3) If these amounts are in fact distributed, they will be treated as dividends.

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