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1. A situation in which a security's or market's trading volume is higher on a given trading day than the previous trading day without any price appreciation. This is taken as an indicator that the security or market has hit its highest price and will soon decline.

2. The payment of the assets in an IRA or other retirement account to the account holder or his/her beneficiary. Distributions usually begin after retirement, but may begin before with the payment of applicable penalties.

3. A dividend paid to a company's or mutual fund's shareholders.

4. An institution's consistent sale of a single security over a long period of time as opposed to all at once. This is done to avoid causing fluctuations in price. See also: Accumulation.


To sell a relatively large amount of stock in a firm during a given period. For example, a mutual fund may liquidate a position in a security over a period of days or weeks so as not to drive down the market price of the security. Compare accumulate.
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3 million in pre-tax distributable earnings, which represented year-on-year increases of 142.
The continued growth in distributable profits was driven by a growth in EBITDA, the company said.
The partnership's share of distributable cash flow for the second quarter of 2010 provides approximately 1.
Qualifying distributions in excess of the year's distributable amount become "excess qualifying distributions" and reduce the distributable amount of any year during the "adjustment period," which is the five tax years following the tax year in which such excess was created.
75-223, the proceeds attributable to the D and C businesses of F-Sub (as a result of the deemed sale by Target of F-Sub stock) were not distributable in partial liquidation and were retained by Parent.
We are pleased to report another quarter of solid results and record distributable cash flow," said Dr.
This release includes the term MLP distributable cash flow, which is a non-GAAP financial measure, as defined in Regulation G of the U.
The Company expected to produce its fourth consecutive record quarter of distributable earnings revenues and its fifth quarter in a row of record pre-tax distributable earnings.
Unlike a standard CRUT, the principal of a NIMCRUT is not available for distribution to income recipients if the trust fails to earn enough distributable income.
Distributable Cash Flow previously presented in ETE's press release for the three months ended March 31, 2009 was reduced by contributions made to Energy Transfer Partners, L.
Dominion Midstream uses Adjusted EBITDA and distributable cash flow as the primary performance measurement of its earnings and results for public communications with analysts and investors.
Excluding the results of GFI, BGC expects its quarterly revenues for distributable earnings to be towards the low end of the range of its previously stated guidance, and its quarterly pre-tax distributable earnings to be around the mid-point.

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