Discrete variable

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Discrete variable

Variable like 1, 2, 3. Bond ratings are examples of discrete classifications.

Discrete Random Variable

A variable that can take only one of several definite values. For example, one's FICO score is a discrete random variable because it can only be a positive integer between 300 and 850.
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Further, Mike showed that models of discrete variables that allow for changes in variance outperform constant variance specifications.
The MINLP represents a mathematical programming technique which executes the discrete optimization of discrete variables simultaneously with the continuous optimization of continuous variables.
Both groups were also compared with respect to discrete variables as gender, presence of a ureteric stent, previous ESWL and side of treatment.
For optimization of discrete variables, discrete optimization methods cannot be directly applied, because a large number of FE simulations would be required.
Examples used in the chapters are based on empirical observations of behavior from both natural field settings and more controlled laboratory environments, and also make use of empirical models that investigate the influence of discrete variables on fish behavior.
Vertical ground reaction force-time histories were reduced to five discrete variables during the first 100 ms of ground contact using a custom MatLab (v.

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