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Size and topology optimization of trusses with discrete variables can be regarded as a kind of combinatorial optimization problem, because its solution space is disjoint and nonconvex, and feasible solution set is discrete.
Type of landowner was represented as a discrete variable. Previous hypothesis testing found there to be a difference in stewardship based on landowner or landlord type.
RECreg a discrete variable for investment recommendations made by regional brokerage firms; it is equal to 3 for a buy, 2 for a hold, or 1 for a sell;
That's because the indepedent variable (type of activity) is a discrete variable, a variable that has levels which are distinct and unconnected.
This study reports an analysis based on a cross-section of banking markets in which entry is treated as a discrete variable with a Poisson distribution.
Seat Belt Use Discrete variable for seat belt use: (0) no seat belt use; (1) yes, but rarely; (2) yes, some of the time; (3) yes, all the time.
in the space [L.sub.2] (h[R.sup.m]) [equivalent to] [l.sup.2] of functions [u.sub.d] of a discrete variable [mathematical expression not reproducible].
(ii) Discrete Variable. Discrete variables correspond to variables that may have integer or binary values.
Their topics include discrete variable structural optimization of systems under stochastic earthquake excitation, assessing the damage in inelastic structures under simulated critical earthquakes, the optimal seismic performance-based design of reinforced concrete buildings, an overall conceptual seismic design and local seismic capacity design for components of bridges, and the fuzzy identification of seismically excited smart systems.

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