Discrete random variable

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Discrete random variable

A random variable that can take only a certain specified set of individual possible values-for example, the positive integers 1, 2, 3, . . . For example, stock prices are discrete random variables, because they can only take on certain values, such as $10.00, $10.01 and $10.02 and not $10.005, since stocks have a minimum tick size of $0.01. By way of contrast, stock returns are continuous not discrete random variables, since a stock's return could be any number.

Discrete Random Variable

A variable that can take only one of several definite values. For example, one's FICO score is a discrete random variable because it can only be a positive integer between 300 and 850.
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Each loop of the stochastic simulation of accident position, say, loop j should start from sampling of the zone number k from the discrete probability distribution defined by the weights [p.
2 are depicted the discrete probability distributions of genuine and impostor scores generated by a matching algorithm.
Much of the published discussion concerning the merits of the EPD approach over the ruin approach has used simplistic examples with discrete probability distributions to describe alternatives.
For a discrete probability distribution of asset values, where losses are certain, the EPD is the expectation of assets being less than losses:

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