Discrete random variable

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Discrete random variable

A random variable that can take only a certain specified set of individual possible values-for example, the positive integers 1, 2, 3, . . . For example, stock prices are discrete random variables, because they can only take on certain values, such as $10.00, $10.01 and $10.02 and not $10.005, since stocks have a minimum tick size of $0.01. By way of contrast, stock returns are continuous not discrete random variables, since a stock's return could be any number.
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Discrete Random Variable

A variable that can take only one of several definite values. For example, one's FICO score is a discrete random variable because it can only be a positive integer between 300 and 850.
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We analyze the three kinds of max-product fuzzy relation constraints with discrete variables first.
Compared with topology optimization with continuous variables, the researches on topology optimization of trusses with discrete variables are much less.
Statistical correlation means that, given two discrete variables X and Y measured for each case in a sample, variation in X corresponds (or on the contrary, does not) to variation in Y
Genetic Algorithm for truss optimization with continuous and discrete variables. Proceedings of the Fourth World Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Dalian: (China) paper no.
The variables of the problem are the dimensions of the window grids (discrete variables) and the depth of the shading system (continuous variables).
Historically, discrete graphical models, as used in this case study, have been developed extensively because the domains in where they were used (e.g., insurance, fraud detection, etc.) had predominantly discrete variables. The applicability of discrete models in other domains such as building and HVAC systems, which have significantly more continuous variables, is contingent upon the discretization of continuous variables.
Mike developed a model he called the Qual-VAR that combines discrete variables such as the business cycle phase with the commonly used vector autoregression (VAR).
The MINLP represents a mathematical programming technique which executes the discrete optimization of discrete variables simultaneously with the continuous optimization of continuous variables.
Basically, there are two types of observable variables for quark/gluon jet tagging: discrete variables and continuous variables.
At the other end there is a port information which is characterized by discrete variables, speed and strength, V * c and f * c [6].

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