discount window

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Discount window

Facility provided by the Fed enabling member banks to borrow reserves against collateral in the form of government securities or other acceptable paper.

Discount Window

An agency from which member banks of the Federal Reserve can borrow funds. Banks borrow short-term funds at the discount rate from the discount window, and must provide collateral for the transaction. The idea behind the discount window is to provide liquidity to banks when they need it without making them too reliant upon it. The Federal Reserve accomplishes this by raising or lowering the discount rate: a low interest rate indicates that it is trying to promote growth by making liquidity easily available, and a high interest rate shows that the Fed is concerned about inflationary pressures on the economy and trying to reduce the amount of money in the economy. While the discount window provides services electronically now, the term comes from an actual bank where representatives of member banks used to go to borrow money from the Federal Reserve.

discount window

The lending facility of the Federal Reserve through which commercial banks borrow reserves. Federal Reserve policy toward supplying banks with reserves has a major effect on credit conditions and interest rates.
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The Hong Kong Monetary Authority raised the base rate charged through its overnight discount window by 25 basis points on Thursday to 1.
In this capacity, Basinger will oversee bank supervision and regulation for bank holding companies, state member banks, and foreign banking organizations throughout the Twelfth Federal Reserve District, and the provision of liquidity to the payment system by extending credit through the Fed's discount window.
In this context, NBAD has access to the discount window of Federal Reserve through the Washington branch of its wholly owned subsidiary, NBAD Americas.
I interpret Friedman as saying that if one wants to assess the extent of knowledge on how a discount window institution should be structured and operated, the best way to proceed is to study the existing literature on the subject.
com)-- Discount Window Focus today announced the launch of www.
assets, and has access to Hong Kong Monetary Authority's discount window
The central bank originally announced in September 2012 that it would set up the so-called discount window as a way of developing its monetary policy framework.
Analysts had widely expected the State Bank of Pakistan toraise its monetary policy rate - a rate at which banks borrowfrom it through its discount window - at some point this year inorder to tighten Pakistan's monetary supply.
The hike in discount rate would allow institutions to borrow money from the central bank, usually on a short-term basis to meet temporary shortages of liquidity caused by internal or external disruptions, on higher rates through its discount window.
The joke was on me because he actually wanted to see the discount window.
At the height of the financial crisis in 2008, foreign banks, instead of American banks, were the biggest recipient of funds from the Federal Reserve discount window -- known as the lender of last resort.
Abu Dhabi -- The UAE central bank said that preparations to introduce a discount window were proceeding, though it declined to specify when the facility would be ready.