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Disclosure Statement

1. A document given to a potential borrower by a lender stating all the terms of the loan. This includes the interest rate, the length of the loan, and any applicable fees. Lenders are required to provide disclosure statements. See also: Truth in Lending Act.

2. A document given to a potential IRA account holder stating all the terms of the IRA. This includes the rules, penalties, and applicable fees associated with the IRA. IRA providers are required to provide disclosure statements and give the account holder seven days to opt out of the account with no penalties.
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disclosure statement

(1) Also called the Reg-Z box, information required by Regulation Z of the federal Truth in Lending Act.(2) Any other federally required or state-required document designed to inform consumers of rights,responsibilities,or property defects.

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Fitch measures Ultimate recoveries using information included in bankruptcy court disclosure statements.
KUWAIT, June 13 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's anti-corruption authority on Wednesday warned that failure to submit financial disclosure statements in a timely manner would be dealt with strictly and may result in legal action.
* Reducing the number of "revised" Disclosure Statements that are currently necessary to account for changes that occurred between the time the application was taken and the date that the policy is ultimately issued.
As at the date of this article, we are not aware of any court cases or decisions dealing with the issues around accuracy and completeness of Disclosure Statements. It should be noted however that the Disclosure Statement must be found incomplete or inaccurate "in a material way", and accordingly this may exclude minor or inconsequential missing information and inaccuracies.
They write lengthy disclosure statements that cover every possible use of data so that they cannot be sued.
The changes to shorter disclosure statements will also mean a significant reduction in compliance costs.
Emirates 24|7 this week carried a report about the disclosure statements developers have to send to investors.
Sec 1.469-9(g) that applies only to certain real estate professionals, taxpayers have not been required to file grouping election forms or disclosure statements. As a result, it is difficult for the IRS to determine whether groupings are appropriate or whether prohibited changes have been made to groupings.
Most reaffirmation agreements across the five districts included Reform Act disclosure statements and other required information.
The individual disclosure statements will be reviewed by the editors to make sure that all necessary and relevant information that readers need to know to evaluate the work published in HSR has been reflected in the acknowledgment/disclosure paragraph; detailed disclosures will not be published.
regulators will begin to get a clearer picture of the finite reinsurance landscape in March, when the 2005 annual statements, including the new disclosure statements, begin to come in.