disclosure statement

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Disclosure Statement

1. A document given to a potential borrower by a lender stating all the terms of the loan. This includes the interest rate, the length of the loan, and any applicable fees. Lenders are required to provide disclosure statements. See also: Truth in Lending Act.

2. A document given to a potential IRA account holder stating all the terms of the IRA. This includes the rules, penalties, and applicable fees associated with the IRA. IRA providers are required to provide disclosure statements and give the account holder seven days to opt out of the account with no penalties.

disclosure statement

(1) Also called the Reg-Z box, information required by Regulation Z of the federal Truth in Lending Act.(2) Any other federally required or state-required document designed to inform consumers of rights,responsibilities,or property defects.

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All firms or attorneys who submit statements of qualification must submit the Political Contribution Disclosure form discussed below along with the Statement of Qualifications.
Sales of co-ops have reportedly been slowed since the new rules were announced, because of confusion over which type of disclosure form should be used.
Years later, they discover it has been put on an adult disclosure form.
Sample's total does not include donations made during the third quarter of 2013, for which the financial disclosure form filed with the Arkansas Secretary of State does not list individual donors.
5 million range reported by Summers, a former Treasury secretary under Bill Clinton and ex-adviser to President Barack Obama, in his most recent government disclosure form covering 2010.
6 that it has joined the Appraisal Institute and the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers in responding to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Integrated Mortgage Disclosures and proposed Closing Disclosure Form under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and Truth in Lending Act.
Clark is one of 5,500 officials in state and local government who must file a yearly disclosure form.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- The Federal Customs Authority, or FCA, has announced the unification of the financial disclosure form and amended it in line with the international norms and to keep pace with the challenges that face the Customs sector worldwide.
Herr for his late filing of a financial disclosure form to the U.
The 2008 financial disclosure form showed Hanna was invested in Chesapeake Energy which on its website calls itself the largest leasehold owner in the Marcellus Shale play and Anadarko Petroleum.
Individuals who complete the program, pass a final exam, and sign a code of ethics and disclosure form can earn the right to use the CRPS mark.
The taxpayer risks foreclosing additional arguments if, before the IRS even determines that the issue is worthy of challenge, the taxpayer relies on particular arguments to support the position or item in the disclosure form.