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Emphasising activation and the mutual obligations of both society and the disabled person moves disability policy closer to the underlying logic of unemployment programmes, which expect an active contribution and effort from beneficiaries.
In the ruling, LHC Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah also directed that disabled persons must now be referred to as 'special persons'.
'Kiambu has enough resources to fund all activities but the looming smuggling of disabled persons from Tanzania and other counties has devastated our activities.
In order for the disabled persons with long-term incapacity to enjoy the protections and rights granted by the Law, they must be Jordanian citizens and obtain an "identification card" that encompasses personal identification as well as details pertaining to the disability, its nature and degree.
The means test takes into account the resources of the disabled person for whose benefit the grant would be given and her/his partner.
Those who have been granted the status of disabled persons in Bulgaria are somewhere from 500 000 to 800 000, according to senior government officials.
Upon arrival, a disabled person is so tired that maybe a nice cup of tea will remedy things.
So it can be displayed on any car in which the disabled person is being transported, whether it belongs to one of the family or a friend.
Crummey powers: Another strategy would be to give beneficiaries, other than the disabled person, Crummey (6) powers--the power to withdraw a portion of the trust income or corpus.
The Index based on which organisations can be ranked, encourages them to recruit more disabled persons and give them equal opportunities.
Manama: July 28 -- (BNA-- The Ministry of Social Development announced the opening of the door for nomination for the second version of the (Nasser bin Hamad Creativity Award for Disabled Persons 2013), in the fields of culture, sports and organizations operating in caring for, or rehabilitation of, disabled persons.
Additionally, we cannot overlook the vital role the family of a disabled person plays in helping that individual in developing independence, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills, or (as I have more often seen) in hindering the development of same.

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