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A seat on the board of directors of a company or other organization. A directorship allows one to have a direct say in a company's policies, particularly regarding dividend payments, the hiring and firing of major executives, and so forth. One receives a directorship as the result of a shareholder vote. Generally speaking, directors are nominated on the basis of whom they intend to represent, whether that be management, a particular block of shareholders, or even the company's employees.
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A member of a firm's board of directors. A director also may hold a management position within the firm. See also inside director, outside director.
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an official of A JOINT-STOCK COMPANY elected by the SHAREHOLDERS at the company's ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and charged with certain powers and responsibilities to run the company on behalf of the shareholders. Each company will have a number of directors who constitute the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and the directors will meet regularly to determine company policy. The board generally elects one of their number to act as chairman of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and may also elect one of their number to serve as managing director with responsibility for the day to day management of the company. Some directors will be executive directors and will hold senior salaried management posts in the company; others may be non-executive directors who are not primarily employed by the company but may be bankers or executives employed by other companies, contributing their expertise at board meetings in return for directors' fees. See CORPORATE GOVERNANCE.
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Lim, the report noted, had directorships in several GLCs and five subsidiaries or associate companies of Penang Development Corporation and State Secretary, Penang Incorporated (SSI), which owns Invest-in-Penang, Georgetown World Heritage Inc and public-listed PBA Holdings.
According to the Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirement, the BOD can consist of maximum ten directorships in public listed companies and fifteen directorships for non-listed companies (Kamardin, 2014).
In total, women hold 64 out of 279 directorships in FTSE 100 manufacturers and all 25 companies have at least one woman on their board.
If MPs take paid directorships or practise law for life experience not greed, they shouldn't take a pay rise.
Approximately 31% thought that the number of fund directorship positions should be capped at 15, while 24% wanted a nine-directorships cap.
Claire Entwistle, director of company investigations north at the Insolvency Service, said: "As someone who has had many directorships, Mr Ridsdale ought to be aware of the responsibilities that come with such a position.
But she said becoming a board director has "various ramifications" and managers offered a directorship should consider it carefully.
Compensation amounts for directorship activities vary greatly depending on responsibilities and duties, not to mention the type of organization, according to a survey of 1,399 medical directors, released in April by the Medical Group Management Association.
Since February he's been banned from company directorships after an Insolvency Service investigation.
Looking at the overall findings, the first year of this research reveals that out of a total of 1,112 directorships on BSE- 100 firms, just 59 directorships or 5.3 per cent of all directorships, are held by women.
Summary: A new report has shown that the number of company directorships held by women has remained the same over the past year.
THE number of company directorships held by women has remained the same over the past year, leaving boardrooms male-dominated, according to a new report today.

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