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A seat on the board of directors of a company or other organization. A directorship allows one to have a direct say in a company's policies, particularly regarding dividend payments, the hiring and firing of major executives, and so forth. One receives a directorship as the result of a shareholder vote. Generally speaking, directors are nominated on the basis of whom they intend to represent, whether that be management, a particular block of shareholders, or even the company's employees.


A member of a firm's board of directors. A director also may hold a management position within the firm. See also inside director, outside director.


an official of A JOINT-STOCK COMPANY elected by the SHAREHOLDERS at the company's ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and charged with certain powers and responsibilities to run the company on behalf of the shareholders. Each company will have a number of directors who constitute the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and the directors will meet regularly to determine company policy. The board generally elects one of their number to act as chairman of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and may also elect one of their number to serve as managing director with responsibility for the day to day management of the company. Some directors will be executive directors and will hold senior salaried management posts in the company; others may be non-executive directors who are not primarily employed by the company but may be bankers or executives employed by other companies, contributing their expertise at board meetings in return for directors' fees. See CORPORATE GOVERNANCE.
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We found that at the outset of the 10-year period-before their directors of the Star firms held substantially more equity than those of the laggard firms.
Once again, no other movie director has been so well-recognized in either way.
Spiritual Directors International, a 9-year-old ecumenical network of spiritual directors, lists more than 3,340 members worldwide.
The corporation's compensation committee consists of at least two directors who qualify as outside directors under Regs.
The determination of the "voting power" attributed to the stock in a corporation has long focused on the shareholders' ability to elect directors on the corporation board.
175); McAnally and Downs (1973) had not produced their classic essay on the pressures affecting the roles of directors of university libraries.
Stephanie & Daniil Gaifullin, Artistic Directors
While D&O insurance traditionally was issued to provide protection to the individual directors and officers, the introduction of entity coverage in the mid-1990s changed the dynamic between corporations and their individual directors and officers.
Board accountability deteriorates when directors perform management roles.
The primary duty of directors is one of a fiduciary nature.
A person's membership may be revoked for cause, other than nonpayment of dues, by a two-thirds vote by ballot of the Board of Directors.
Well-qualified medical directors also should complete the appropriate continuing education in administrative medicine and medical-management curricula.

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