Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The officer of a firm responsible for day-to-day management, usually the president or an executive vice-president.

Chief Operating Officer

The manager of a company (often but not always a publicly-traded company) who is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations. That is, the COO ensures smoothness in the process of producing and distributing the company's goods or of providing its services. A COO is responsible to the CEO and the board of directors.
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Gill Brabner, LOCSU director of education and developments; David Craig, AOP director of operations; Leon Davies, senior lecturer, Aston University; Don Grocott, AOP president and Optical Confederation, chair; Geoff Roberson, AOP professional adviser; David Shannon, AOP chairman; Karen Sparrow, AOP education adviser
As for his goal as the new director of operations, Walloch says he wants "VFS to be in the forefront of making every client feel that they are very important" by building "upon the organization structure of both the sales and service support team."
As the director of operations of the Midwest trade division, Rob Walters will lead continuous improvement and operational excellence for Archway.
Locke is receiving as director of operations. He said school district operations will continue as they have, except when he is out of the area or unreachable.
Having complemented her coaching resume with those three years in administration, Harris and UO coach Bev Smith believe Harris aptly qualified for the role of director of operations, with responsibilities that include coordinating the program's travel plans and summer camps.
He also acted as director of operations for a franchisee of Panera Bread and was the director of operations services at Einstein's/Noah's Bagels which had more than 300 stores at that time.
He became director of operations in 1994 and was named to lead the agency in 1999.
They have found that the implementation of a solid EHR [electronic health record] will provide the most efficient way of sharing data, have that data utilized well across the organization, and that the transition is well worth the effort." Echoing that, Jeff Jordan, managing director of operations at Keane Care, said, "We have clients who have gone as far as technology and state/federal regulations allow to implement electronic medical records.
"Our new facility is already improving the efficiency and productivity of Raleigh's curbside recycling program by significantly reducing the time it takes to off-load, process and move recycled materials in and out of the facility," Marilyn Quattlebaum, director of operations for Sonoco's Recovered Paper Division, says.
The morning general session will feature a manufacturing roundtable discussion, "Cultural Change for Organizational Improvement," including Stan Brown, director of operations, Jet Boil Inc.; Tom Green, director of operations, New Hampshire Industries; David Metzemaekers, director of operations, Scott Electronics; Mike Shipulski, director of engineering, Hypertherm; and Frank Tarantino, president, APC Paper Co.
Nazdar announced that Jamie Moores has joined the company as director of operations for the Nazdar, Ltd., facility located in Stockport, UK, formerly the location of Lyson, Inc.
"Increasingly the courts are seeing these as separate issues," says Danny Baker, Director of Operations and Education for Gender Public Advocacy Coalition, adding that even when sexual orientation is not a protected crass, gender-based claims are often recognized.

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